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8 novembre 2007

Paris, what else ?

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Paris le 7 novembre, 12h24
I receive the car since a couple of days. The first première voiture of my dad. My mother refused to sell that caisse since la mort of my poor daddy in Saïgon in 72. It’s so important to me to be here, in Paris, « La Ville Lumière ». He would be so proud of me, I know that. He had toujours rêvé de coming in Paris. I do it for him, now que j’ai les moyens de spent a lot of money for this trip. A sacré good trip indeed !

At Porte de Vincennes, I drive my car very carfully beacause of the circulation, very important at this hour. French like coming back home to lunch. It’s the French way of life. At that moment, a handsome man, au volant of a pretty little van, baissa the glass of its portière to speak to me. I was so happy, I was sure it will be a good day, a great day !

But you know what ? He injury me, and I really don’t know why. What the Hells could I do ? Those frenchies are completly crazy.

My Car

Berlingo 2.0 HDI Modutop

P.S. Sorry pour ce post à l’américaine au vocable approximatif. Je cours m’inscrire à Wall Street Institute dès que j’ai une minute.

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